Client Reviews

Client Reviews

“We introduced yoga to staff in order to support their well-being and sessions have been consistently well attended. Mo arrives with enthusiasm to help us focus on ourselves, and as a result we leave her weekly sessions feeling both relaxed and recharged. As an experienced and knowledgeable yoga practitioner, Mo supports and guides us through her sessions which are well planned and thought out. She supports and challenges us to achieve, whatever our ability. It is fair to say that Mo is well liked and respected by the staff that attend; they comment on how much they look forward to each week and many have requested the sessions continue into the next academic year.”
Kelli Foster (Mrs), Deputy Headteacher, Mark Rutherford School, Bedford.

“During our Healthy Schools Week in June 2019, Mo came in to deliver yoga taster sessions at our school. As we are a Primary School, I spent a good amount of time wondering which classes would suit the yoga sessions the best. To say I was blown away by Mo’s sessions, was an understatement. As a personality, Mo is a lady that can light up a room with her energy, enthusiasm and positive persona. Just a lovely lady that has the flexibility to talk and adapt to speaking with anyone. Her sessions left our students and members of staff hungry for more. They all loved her love of the activities and how she made the sessions manageable for the students. She was able to Adapt her teaching to suit each students’ needs, along with the members of staff that took part. Our students left the room feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to achieve. These results are all down to Mo. An all-round team player who’s teaching experience makes every session benefit each student. I can’t thank her enough for her efforts and would recommend her unreservedly.”
Laurie Allen, Head of P.E., Scott Primary School, Bedford.

“I started classes with Mo just over 12 months ago, as a complete yoga novice. I confess I wasn’t sure if it was really ‘for me’ to start with, but a year later, and I’m now regularly doing 2 classes a week! Mo is so positive and encouraging as an instructor, and I’m absolutely convinced of the benefits. My physical flexibility has definitely improved, I’d like to think my core strength is better, and I feel more toned. I also feel the classes do my state of mind good too, with the elements of mindfulness and wellbeing helping to manage stress and anxiety. I would definitely recommend attending Mo’s classes to anyone; no matter what your starting point, she is very patient with beginners like me, but not afraid to help you push your boundaries!”
Alison Perry – Trinity Class Member

“I started yoga about a year ago with Mo at The Bunyan Centre and attended a few classes at Trinity. Its the best treat you could give yourself weekly and I recommend others to give it ago as she has taught me calmness and to leave the chatter to one side and clear your mind. Theses classes have helped with my inner core and improved my posture making me feel leaner and full of positive energy which is giving me an inner glow. Mo is very pleasant, calm and thorough with every session that she teaches and makes it challenging with delicious comfort and I always look forward to attending all of her classes. Definitely loving the new me.”
Helena – Bunyan Centre and Trinity Class Member – Box End Kempston

“It has been great to develop a partnership with Mo to further build on including yoga into our programmes. Mo’s approach is fantastic and so relatable for our young people. Making fun and silly moves as they go to let out their energy in a different way to usual, and also to learn to be grounded and take some productive time out. It allows the young people to relax, try something new and tests them taking them out of their comfort zones. In just 4 sessions you were able to notice really positive progression from our young people.”
Sophie Stock, Fun4YP Youth Services Lead, YMCA Bedfordshire

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