Namaste and welcome to OmMoShantiYoga

Hello, my name is Mo Robinson, founder and owner of OmMoShantiYoga, based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. I hope you enjoy looking at my website and finding out about my yoga classes. Please do contact me either via info@ommoshantiyoga.co.uk or Facebook with any questions or enquiries.

Current face-to-face and online classes

  • Monday 9.30am – Bedford International Athletics Stadium, Bedford
  • Monday 11.00am – Robinson Pool, Bedford
  • Monday 6.15pm – Trinity Arts and Leisure, Bromham Road, Bedford
  • Monday 7.45pm – Kempston Pool, Hillgrounds Road, Kempston
  • Tuesday 10.30am – Robinson Pool
  • Tuesday 6.00pm – John Bunyan Centre, Bedford
  • Wednesday 9.30am – John Bunyan Centre, Bedford
  • Wednesday 6.15pm – Trinity Arts and Leisure
  • Thursday 10.00am – Robinson Pool, Bedford
  • Thursday 6.00pm – Bedford International Athletics Stadium, Bedford
  • Thursday 7.30pm – online – dedicated to Yin Yoga
  • Friday 9.30am – John Bunyan Centre, Bedford
  • Friday 11.15am – Robinson Pool, Bedford
  • Friday 6.00pm – Bunyan Centre, Bedford
  • Sunday 11.15am – online – beginners particularly welcome

Booking contact details

  • Bedford International Athletics Stadium, Bedford – Call 01234 351115, use Better App or walk in
  • Robinson Pool, Bedford – Call 01234 357157, use Better App or walk in
  • John Bunyan Centre, Bedford – Call 01234 364481, use Better App or walk in
  • Trinity Arts and Leisure, Bromham Road, Bedford – Call 01234 291777, use online booking system or walk in
  • Online – contact Mo for booking link via info@ommoshantiyoga.co.uk – all classes £7.50 per person

Other classes and events

I also hold workshops and retreat days. You can also book private classes and one-to-one sessions online and face to face. I offer classes in schools for pupil groups and classes for staff groups / inset days. I am also trained to provide pre- and post-natal yoga. Contact me via info@ommoshantiyoga.co.uk for prices and options.

The ethos and aim of OmMoShantiYoga is to spread the message that yoga is for everyone. Yoga is inclusive, accessible and available to all regardless of age, sex, injury, health issues and religious beliefs.

Through the practices of yoga, mindfulness and meditation OmMoShantiYoga aims to provide both adults and children with the tools and practices of yoga to enable mind and body to unite to bring calmness, lessen stress and create a full sense of general wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Classes are available in any of the following:

  • Traditional Hatha yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Beginners’ yoga – starting from scratch
  • Children’s yoga and mindfulness
  • Pre- and post-natal yoga
  • Chair / seated yoga
  • Hatha Vinyasa flow
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa flow
  • Relaxative and restorative yoga
  • Yin yoga
  • Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)
  • One-to-one teaching and coaching
  • Yoga for specific medical/health issues
  • Shat Kryia (cleansing exercises)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Relaxation techniques and exercises
  • Meditation
  • Yogic philosophy

Further information is available throughout this website. Please feel very welcome to contact me directly for further information via info@ommoshantiyoga.co.uk or my Facebook page (link on menu above) to discuss how I can help you on your path…

Om Shanti (universal blessings and peace) – Mo


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